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Choosing a Kalyana Manadapam (wedding or marriage hall in Tamil) isn't an easy task. As a matter of fact there are many points to kept in mind before choosing a Kalyana Manadapam. Do proper groundwork before you make a choice. Following are some consideration you may like to have in mind:

Selecting a well located Kalyana Manadapam is a great consideration which can save a lot of hassles, you and your guest would have faced.

Inquire about the styling and decoration of the Kalyana Manadapam to every possible detail. The seating and size of the Kalyana Manadapam should be one of your first consideration. Don't forget to fix a predetermined number of guests in mind when you go to choose a Kalyana Manadapam. If the Kalyana Manadapam seems too big you can always rent a few statues or themed potted plants to make the room feel more cozy and adumbrate.

Food plays a big role when selecting a marriage hall or Kalyana Manadapam. If they themselves offer the catering, inquire if you can inspect the kitchen . Also don't forget to have a peek at their full menu and bring some family or friends along to help you with the sampling of foods that you want for the reception.

One important to keep in mind while selecting a Kalyana Manadapam is the restroom facilities. Are there enough? Do they look and smell clean? A bad restroom in a bathroom can turn off guests and make for a not so pleasant evening.

Parking facility is another imperative thing to check out for while choosing a Kalyana Manadapam or wedding halls There must be sufficient spaces for your guests to park if no transportation is provided for them to go home in.

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22-08-10 Chennai
My suggestion has fetched me good name in my family. Thanks for some apt listings provided in ur site.
Searched for Kalyana Mandapam
23-08-10 Chennai
I need an AC marriage hall for my sisters wedding. Seating capacity of 350 – 400 would suit me well. Suggest some Kalyana Mandapams near Besant Nagar location.
Searched for Kalyana Mandapam
11-08-10 Chennai
The service and the listings are really good. The listings included all the necessary info of the Kalyana Mandapam, and I found it very easy to choose between.
Searched for Kalyana Mandapam

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