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AC Marriage Halls

AC Marriage Halls

Arranging a wedding or marriage hall is the one of the first things you should do after the marriage date has been set. But before setting out to choose a wedding or marriage hall, you should have certain considerations in your mind.

First and foremost, shop around! The time of year and the place you select is a big determinant of the price. You can search for wedding or marriage halls on the internet or phonebook can ask friends or relatives. This step of yours will help you know vital information like the size of the wedding or marriage hall and its sitting capacity. You can even have a peek at the at the menu listings and pricing information.

This step of yours will also help you in zeroing on the wedding or marriage halls you wanna try out or just cut off from the list itself. Once you’ve zeroed down your list, you can start inquiring and fixing up meetings to visit the wedding or marriage halls. Just ensure you have a note book with you, so that you can list out the required info.

When you show up on your listed wedding or marriage halls, don't forget to ask about their availability on the scheduled date of the wedding. If the wedding or marriage hall seems to fit your budget, ensure that price which the wedding or marriage hall charges includes dinner for the number people you estimate. Also find out if the wedding or marriage hall adequately fits in all your guest list.

Also inquire with the wedding or marriage hall if they allow outside caterers or not. Don't forget to inquire if marriage or wedding hall charges for the room as well as the food. The point is to safeguard yourself from hidden costs as much as possible. If on a stricter budget, you may even want to restrict the decorations which may gobble up a significant amount of your budget.

Because its really a difficult task to book a good wedding or marriage hall during the wedding season, people book wedding or marriage halls almost an year advance to the scheduled date. Many places are booked up to a year in advance. So if you really like one, book it as soon as possible.

Recent Users Comment

11-07-10 Chennai
Can anyone suggest a AC marriage hall at Egmore with 300 – 350 seating capacity?
Searched for AC Marriage Halls
08-08-10 Chennai
AC wedding halls with big car park and stage decoration services is what I need? Suggest some good marriage halls at negotiable prices.
Searched for AC Marriage Halls
18-08-10 Chennai
I need a non ac wedding hall to accommodate a small gathering. It will be good if the price is slightly negotiable.
Searched for AC Marriage Halls

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